Daily Tips for Getting Beach Ready

Getting your body in shape for the beach does not have to sound like a chore. Here are a few helpful tips you can do every day to keep those muscles toned.
Brushing your teeth
Hey, you have nothing to do with your legs! Do some leg lifts every time you brush. Back, to the side, and throw in some squats while you brush at night.
Taking out the trash
Instead of walking, do some lunges to the trashcan and back.
Try a stand-up desk
This will allow you to do some leg lifts and get some business done as well
Watching TV
Do some planks. It sure beats snacking on some unhealthy food
Test out your strength
Ask your kids to arm wrestle. Even if they are under 10, they will want to do it over and over again. They will wear you out
Plan plenty of sexy time with your mate
It burns more calories than you think.
While you are cooking
Lift a can of goodness and do several reps. It may not seem like a lot but if you do it every other day, it adds up.
Grocery shopping
If you can, ride your bike to pick up those few items instead of getting in the car.
Always take the stairs
In an office building, airport, mall, etc, get those legs looking as sexy as possible.